Our Approach

We specialise in sourcing funds for you, especially if you fall outside the Bank’s lending criteria.

There are lots of reasons this may apply to you, and often it’s necessary for only a short time frame, until your circumstances change.

Here are some of the reasons a Bank may decline your loan application:

  • No proof of income – maybe you’re self employed and your accountant hasn’t completed your books yet
  • Not enough income to service the loan – your accountant is an expert at minimising your tax liability, but when it comes to borrowing money, the Bank only uses your IRD returns
  • You’re already in arrears with your current lender and facing pressure from them
  • You’ve been served a PLA Notice (Property Law Act Notice) and need to act quickly to save your home from a mortgagee sale
  • Credit blemishes – a variety of reasons this can occur, but after a short period of time these will disappear
  • You may not have managed your bank accounts well and have bank fees for misconduct
  • Servicing of your loan may be outside the Bank’s criteria
  • You have a Tax Liability and the Bank won’t lend you money to pay for it
  • The land size may be too large
  • Buying out your partner in a Matrimonial Split without proof of income, and with a few credit blemishes