Specialty Lending


We believe there is no ‘BEST LOAN’ to suit everybody, and throughout the course of your life you may need several different types of loans depending on your different circumstances and goals. There are also several solutions to your scenario.

We don’t make the decision for you, but will provide you all the information and education you need to make an informed choice. The information we will provide is factual, relevant, and clear to understand.

We maintain our high levels of professionalism through extensive training and experience, and we know what each Lender’s limitations and requirements are. This ensures we present your loan application in the best possible light to the best possible Lender. If needed we discuss unusual or ‘tight’ deals with the Lenders direct before they assess your application. We work diligently on your behalf to ensure the best possible chances for an approval.

Specialty Lending Solutions available:

Mortgagee Sale Rescue Loans

You may be in arrears with your existing mortgage and need to clear the backlog. If you’ve been served a PLA Notice (Property Law Act Notice) then we need to act quickly. Our solutions are tailored to your needs but the options are limited depending on the amount of equity you have in your property.

Small Business Funding and Expansion

Are you thinking of leaving your salaried position to start your own business? Or perhaps you are already a small to medium sized business owner who would really benefit from additional capital to ease cash flow, purchase plant and machinery, repay a business loan, or to purchase a new vehicle? Even if you haven’t been in business for more than two years, we have access to funding that will enable you to achieve your business goals. Speak to us first, as borrowing money when you are self-employed is very different with stricter criteria. We can arrange business lending at lower home loan rates, secured against your residential property, but split effectively so the loans are specific for your requirements.

Tax Liability Funding
Banks will not generally lend you any money to pay an IRD tax debt. We have specific lenders who specialize in lending for this purpose. All is not lost. Relieve yourself of financial pressure and get the IRD off your back.

Equity Release Loans

In the later years of life, your most valuable asset can also be the most costly to maintain. It may be time to look at your home in a whole new way – your equity could be the key to a renovated kitchen or bathroom, a new deck, a new car, a necessary health operation, or an overseas trip. In fact turn your equity into cash so you can use it any way you want.

Personal Loans

We specialize in loans that help people consolidate debt, pay for an operation, home equity and car loans, even just getting away for a holiday. Loans from as little as $3,000 are available.