Director’s Profile

Kym E Koloni


Kym has spent nearly her whole working life in Sales and Marketing, and has been a successful business owner in a variety of industries. She understands the cash flow challenges of small business owners, as well as the budgeting challenges of running a household and raising a family.

Finances and money matters have always been her main strengths, and her advice is often sought because it can be relied on as being impartial and full of common sense.
She has been affectionately referred to as ‘The Super Nanny of Finances”.

She has been a Director and Mortgage Specialist of The Loan Broker Limited since 2003, and thrives in her responsibility to help people see through the fog of their financial situation so they can see the blue sky above.

Her Approach

“I am passionate about helping people with an area of life that comes naturally to me – finances. I am very level headed and take a common sense approach to finances, wealth building, and property dealings.

Everyone’s needs are different, and can change at various times in your life, so I endeavour to identify and analyse your specific requirements, providing you with various options depending on your level of risk.

I always try to provide a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C strategy. I will not allow you to borrow with a short term lender unless we both agree on a suitable ‘Exit-Strategy’.

Because I specialise in the difficult financial situations that people face, I’m in a position to determine very quickly what your options are so you can act without any hesitation.

I believe that if you plan for the worst case scenario and it never happens, then it’s a great day!! – preparing for the worst makes you a stronger person and better prepared mentally.

I enjoy building life-long relationships with my clients, working with them to build their wealth and watch them walk the path of life with their finances in order.

I enthusiastically encourage you to make contact with me now to arrange a no obligation review of your circumstances.”

Phone me or text me on 027-5626-276, or via email at

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