What our clients say

“I phoned Kym one afternoon in desperation…my world was crushing around me and I really thought about ending it all. I was in tears as I didn’t want to lose my house. I had inherited it from my parents and then made some dumb decisions and was now facing a Mortgagee Sale.
Kym sorted through all the financial information and provided me with Plan A, Plan B or a last resort of Plan C. I appreciated how quickly she came up with the options as I had delayed making a decision hoping it would go away – it hadn’t.

I talked to my family and got their agreement and it was the best sleep I had had in a long time. I am now focused and no longer suicidal. Thank you Kym.”
Lisa P,
Henderson, Auckland

“I had an unexpected IRD Tax bill and my bank wouldn’t lend me any money to pay it. I didn’t know what to do and then my friend recommended I phone Kym. So I did. She had the loan approved and the money advanced to me in time to pay the bill – without penalties. This saved me some sleepless nights I can tell you!”
Mike McK,

“I had lost my job and wasn’t starting my new one for a few weeks…but I needed a vehicle so I could travel the 55 minute trip. Kym arranged a short term loan against my section, cleaned up all my overdue debts and prepaid my loan till the first salary payment came through. She also organised some money so we could clear the section and get it ready for sale. Without this loan I wouldn’t have been able to start my new job. The section is all cleared and on the market.”
James M,

“My father was in a Hospice and deteriorating quickly. As the eldest son I knew the responsibility of the funeral would be mine. I approached my bank and explained the situation. They approved the loan but wanted a Death Certificate before they would advance the money!

I phoned Kym and she had the loan documents that afternoon for me to sign and the money was advanced the next day. I didn’t have to worry about the money and could spend time with my father during his last days,  in peace. “
Tino F,
Mangere, Auckland

“Kym saved us from a potential financial disaster! She saved us from a mortgagee sale, re-financed our home and consolidated our short term debts, and we actually ended up with more money in our pockets each week. The financial pressure we were under was intense, and Kym entered our lives, relieved us of the pressure, and we are back on the right path again. We sleep better at night and love not having letters and phone calls from people chasing us for money. I actually enjoy walking to clear the letterbox again…we can’t thank her enough!”
Frank and Lynley P.
Birkenhead, Auckland

“I had been ill for a year and unfortunately got behind in my mortgage payments. The bank I’d been with for 25 years didn’t want to know about it. Kym sorted out my finances, arranged for my home to be valued and re-financed me. I now have more confidence, am no longer afraid to answer the phone, and I still have my house. I am now in full time employment again and I am very grateful for Kym’s perseverance and belief in me.
Gary K.
Manurewa, Auckland

“We moved to New Zealand from South Africa and were stuck renting. We had spent all our money immigrating and setting ourselves up here, were in very good jobs, and were settled. I saw one of Kym’s advertisements for ‘100% funding into your 1st Home.’ We went through the process with Kym and met the criteria. We purchased our first home in April 2003 for $220,000, on a 100% finance deal. We took Kym’s advice and found a home that had potential to add value by some landscaping and other inexpensive redecorating. Kym re-financed us in October 2004, and our home was revalued at $305,000. Without Kym’s help and advice we’d still be struggling to save for a deposit.”
Richard and Pauline A.
Mt Wellington, Auckland

“We approached Kym to see if we would be better off consolidating a couple of short term debts. She analysed our situation, considered that we had such a great fixed rate with our current lender and that it would be foolish to break it for the sake of consolidating these small debts.

Kym explained that by budgeting and focusing on making extra repayments on these debts, we would have them paid off in 7 months time, saving us the cost of refinancing, plus ensuring we maintained our excellent fixed rate.  She taught us that it’s never wise to borrow from Peter to pay Paul, unless it makes sense to…and cents too !

We found Kym to be very sensible and honest, and thoroughly recommend her services to our family and friends.”
Mark & Kay G
West Harbour, Auckland